Kerry 's death on the door 18 years behind: a suspect officer

Kerry of the 1990s
Source: network. October 17, 1998, Kaili City, a large cross station deputy director An Kun was killed, with guns missing. 44 days later, Kaili City Bank of China President Lecco built a family of three victims. Together with the victims, there are neighbors Liu Qiaoyun. 18 years, had shocked the two Kerry's two murders, gradually fade out of people's vision. Has invested hundreds of police force of the task force members, for a batch after batch. But with the official class officials Huang Dekun sacked, vintage murder to return to people's attention. If there is no Lok Ma after the fingerprint comparison, no one believed that he was 18 years ago with the police, the bank governor of the case of the door. The whole story, absurd, cruel and bizarre. One afternoon in November 2016, Qian Dong town of Carey City rainy. "18 years ago, the demon case broken." Even long in the mall, when a friend to hear the name of the suspect, the expensive or scared out a cold sweat. Ah Gui has been over 50 years old, these years, he witnessed the rapid changes in Carey, also witnessed a lot of things happen here. That year alerted the central bank governor to destroy the case, so that the two broken times to be spliced ​​together, but also wake up a lot of memories. Guizhou Province, Guizhou Province, Southeast Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture capital - Hill City Kerry is located in the southwest corner. July 23, 1956, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture was established to determine the location of the state for the state. The 1960s to catch up with the "three-line construction", the city military, state-owned enterprises everywhere. In this was very cramped small town, the first batch of business children are young and fit. They are their own potential, fighting is commonplace, and even become a social atmosphere. In which, Carey Motor Transport Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Kai Yun Division) and Qiandongnan State Construction Corporation's children and the most famous. This huge transport company staff structure is complex, one-fifth from the south of the cadres, the rest is Kaili local people and troops to the industry. Kai Yun Division of the first generation of large number of children, "playing frame, people afraid." A expensive said. A Gui, Huang Dekun, Pan Kaiping, An Kun similar age, are Kay Yun Division children. They live in a compound, go to school at the same business school - but the fate of the future is different from each other. In the back of the three, only Huang Dekun familiar with him. "I was in 1965, Huang Dekun with me the same age, but in the school at the same level of different classes." A Gui lit a cigarette, into a memory. After the death of the father of Huang Dekun, became a bus driver. In this sister 5 family, Huang Dekun ranked fourth. He was a small reticent, like boxing, "good rivers and lakes, not active provoke, nor be bullied, starting with heavy," A expensive that he likes lonely, but with Pankai Ping from childhood, "often The other side succeed. "And the son of an auto repairman An Kun, than three people are big one year old. His outstanding performance, to restore the college entrance examination, An Kun admitted to the Guizhou Institute for Nationalities (now Guizhou University for Nationalities) Department of Chinese. This was a high degree of education, first in the township government exercise, after the transfer to the city of Kaili City Public Security Bureau. Augui, Huang Dekun and Pan Kaiping's youth is much dull. After graduating from high school, they have entered the Kay Yun Secretary of the company's work, Huang Dekun done a car repairman "Huang Dekun mind flexible, in the Kai Yun Division, they often back from Guangdong electronic watch, motorcycle back to sell." Ah said. In 1992, the auto mechanic Huang Dekun left more than 20 years of life Kaiyun Division, in the community battles. In the 1990s, the economic spring breeze from Guangdong to Hunan, and quickly spread to the remote Qian East. At that time the city of Kaili to large cross commercial center as the core, east only technical school, west only in the "earth spring city", the area is less than one-third of the current. Standing in the northeast highland overlooking the city's low-rise buildings row upon row of the big cross on the "eighth floor" due to the highest and become a landmark building. July 5, 2016, the local official announced that Huang Dekun suspected of serious violations, was swept away investigation by the Commission for Discipline Inspection. In the economic waves of the 1990s, Kaili and the people here drastically changed. Huang Dekun "sea", followed by the times step by step before the line. What is the relative lack of time, what society needs, what he will offer. In 1993, he rented the Kai Yun Club, operating a recording hall. Then he rented the cinema and opened the only bowling alley at Kerry City. In the local, his social background for everyone to know: his big brother and sister are working in the state public security bureau; brother-in-law also served as a principal in the state; wife sister Renmou leadership. "In the Kai Yun Division that thousands of generations of children, this one is distinguished." A expensive said. One afternoon in the summer of 1995, A Gui left the Kai Yun Division, met for many years did not see Huang Dekun. He wore a black leather jacket, keep the board head, the body some fat. "Where is your brother?" He said to him. This is the last time you see him. In 1996, businessman Huang Dekun suffered. He was burned at the dance halls run near the Grand Cross of the city center. Since then, Kay Yun's children who rarely see his shadow. Kerry in the 1990s, so many of the past. In the year the fire is not far from the workers' club, the ballroom boss is now the richest man of Kerry. In 1994, the first Hong Kong-owned enterprises settled in Carey - and soon, the owner of the polyester factory, Hong Kong businessman Li Jinxian's body was found in the dark at night, is still pending. At this point, Pan Kaiping also left the Kai Yun Division, in the social battles. And An Kun has entered the leadership layer. In 1997, 33-year-old An Kun was transferred to the big cross station office deputy director. He and Huang Dekun, Pan Kaiping often travel. But the second year of life, bad luck came in An Kun head. According to informed people recalled, then An Kun and his wife disagree, then one person rented in the then Kerry cinema office building. On the morning of 18 October 1998, his body was found in a staircase of about one meter at the rental office. According to a year close to the case of political and legal circles memories. An Kun died about 12 o'clock on the night before his death was blunt attack the head, the chest has two sharp weapon through the injury. "The crime is two, no matter which, are fatal." After the police found that An Kun wearing a "June 4" type of pistol missing. State Public Security Bureau immediately set up a "10.17" task force. But it is not the same thing. 44 days later, at noon on December 3, when the Bank of China Kaili branch president Le Guijian and his wife, 418 hospital (now renamed the Guizhou Medical University Second Affiliated Hospital) Personnel Section Chief Xiaoxiao was found lost two days The While missing their daughter Le Xuan. The house immediately called to ask Fang Xiaoyuan's brother, 418 hospital doctor Fang Xiaobin two of the whereabouts of the two. Shang Xiaobin traveled in Guiyang anxious to return to Lok Gui Jian couple is located in the hospital behind the residence - family building 17th floor, 5th floor, Room 501. They opened the door, the house a family of three early in the pool of blood. There is another body inside the house, is the neighbor Liu Qiaoyun. According to the political and legal departments of the informed sources, the tragedy occurred in December 1, 1998 at 1:30 pm. Later identification results show that the 13-year-old Yue Xuan and Fang Xiaoyuan have a number of dagger-like wounds, Lecco built the head was shot, the perpetrators of the two. According to many people recalled, when the attack occurred, live in the opposite side of the third floor of Liu Qiaoyun, then heard the sound after rush to "persuade", unfortunately killed. 418 Hospital family building that red brick building is still in the building. "The family was searched, and even the mattress was also opened." According to the above memories, Lok Gui Jianjia, including passbooks, including property lost. "Visited the investigation found that, together with the loss of others to give music to build a value of 300,000 yuan gold watch." Lecong built was born in 1956, after the resumption of college entrance examination, he entered the Guiyang Finance College school. According to many people recall, Lecco built work ability is very prominent, after graduation he first entered the turbine plant work, all the way to the deputy director. Later, he was involved in the Bank of China Bank of China to build the work, and by the first vice president was promoted to president. In 1985, the state cadres of the female Fang Xiaoyuan and Lok Gui built marriage, the two will live in the staff quarters. Just before the murder, Lecco was just set to be transferred to the Bank of China in Singapore, the departure time is two weeks after the murder. The above-mentioned sources, the scene of the bullet marks show that the killing of music to build, that is, when the murder of An Kun that lost the "June 4" pistol. Therefore, the police will "10.17" case and "12.01" case together. "For the detection of these two murders, put hundreds of police force." The political and legal departments said. The task force of the police officers as far as all around, touch the cable clues, but always no gain. "This case has been in the past 18 years, the task force has never been dissolved, adhere to the present.To break the case, at least spent tens of millions of dollars." The person said: "fingerprints and other evidence retained so far." The insiders said , The police once suspected that the suspect is not the locals. "Languo built with the upper class communication, also suspected to be hired by the killer." Three in the murderer of the sea 18 years, Pan Kai-ping and Huang Dekun each have a different situation. After the murder in 1998, Pan Kaiping went to his sister to work in Zhejiang, no information. Bankrupt after the Huang Dekun, then back to the driver industry, opened the truck. The fate of his fate occurred in 2000. At this time, Carey City Economic Development Zone is ready to go. A time for the development zone leadership memories, the development zone open to the community to recruit a number of workers and workers, Huang Dekun is one of them. Huang Dekun is the development zone when the second hand of the work committee introduced to Hong Jinzhou. Hong Jinzhou in the development zone before, served as deputy mayor of Zhenyuan County. And Huang Dekun's wife and sister, but also Zhenyuan a county-level leadership. In his eyes, Huang Dekun "low-key, work seriously", in the leadership seems more sensible. According to the leadership of the memories, until he was transferred in 2006, Huang Dekun or a staff, wages less than 2,000 yuan. Before and after 2007, Huang Dekun suddenly entered the civil service team, and transferred to the development zone urban and rural management office. According to many people recalled, born in 1965, junior high school graduates Huang Dekun did not meet the recruitment conditions. "But he changed his age and got a college diploma," a recite person recalls. Just three years later, he was promoted to the Development Zone Urban Management Bureau Party branch secretary, Urban Management Bureau. A number of informed sources, Huang Dekun into the civil service team and get promoted, can not be separated from the promotion of Hong Jinzhou. Public information shows that Hong Jinzhou was promoted to vice governor of Southeast Guizhou. In 2013, he was bribed, the huge source of property is unknown crime. In the eyes of others, Huang Dekun seems not like an official. "(He) Jianghu gas is very heavy, and subordinates fraternizing." The source said. Public information, in August 2015, Huang Dekun transferred to Kaili Shantou District Office of the Deputy Director of the transformation, the level is the level. The scene has been sealed for many years, iron gate has long been rusty. Photo: Liu Haichuan. But on July 5, 2016, the local official announced that Huang Dekun was arrested on suspicion of serious discipline and was taken by the Commission. Two months later, he was transferred to the Procuratorate for investigation. Huang Dekun was sent in the unit private "small treasury". A man close to Huang Dekun, said Huang Dekun is the need to transfer accounts during the transfer, was found to the problem. In the first half of 2016, the Urban Management Bureau of the Development Zone, an accountant was taken away by the discipline inspection department, and then entered the investigation stage. Huang Dekun had planned to visit the Procuratorate, was rejected. "The amount is still relatively large." A local legal profession revealed that Huang Dekun suspected of three charges: corruption, bribery and private state property crime. According to a number of sources revealed that in August 2016, Kai Yun Division Public Security Branch staff, Huang Dekun's third brother Huang Dekai because of "suspected to Huang Dekun bribed 900,000 yuan" was transferred to investigate. On December 19, Huang Dekai was expelled from the party. According to a political and legal circles, before the transfer, Huang Dekun has instructed his third brother Huang Dekai reselling a piece of land in its area. "After the hand earned $ 3.2 million, but Huang Dekai only 90 million to Huang Dekun, for the two brothers against the head." And in the Huang Dekun was transferred to the Procuratorate, the pile of 18 years ago, the demolition of the case, suddenly a major turn for the better The According to a number of local informed sources, Huang Dekun was transferred to the Procuratorate after investigation, in accordance with the provisions of the collection of fingerprints, the database comparison, found that the scene with the death of the fingerprints overlap. Since then, the investigation of the demon case has made significant progress. Many years since the audio has been captured by the police Pan Kaiping. The political and legal circles disclosed that the suspect's motives for committing the crime or for the money. "In the 1990s, Kerry underground casino up to dozens of Huang Dekun owed a gambling debt." He said that in 1996 after the accident, has been bankrupt Huang Dekun desperation, then talk with Pan Kaiping to grab the bank. Before the implementation of the robbery, the two suspects decided to get a pistol first. For the implementation of the plan, the two eyeing when the big cross station deputy director An Kun. On the evening of October 17, two people will be killed after An Kun, and took An Kun's gun. The politician, who declined to be named, said that in the next 44 days, the two suspects had planned to take a gun to grab a bank or an armored vehicle and had a number of checkpoints. "But later found the wrong time, plan abortion." Subsequently, the two were eyeing the Bank of China Kaili branch president Le Guijian. According to a number of sources of memories, Lecco built a superior family. In 1995, his home has been equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator. "The decoration of the house was the best at the time." December 1, 1998 at noon, after several checkpoints, the two suspects will be happy to build a family of three killed, and heard the sound of Liu Qiaoyun port. Ao said: "I can not believe that this case of the suspect, turned out to be my friend of the same year, or an official." Today, An Kun killed the film company building has long been demolished. Today, it is the most bustling commercial pedestrian street in Kaili. And Lecco built four people killed the staff quarters - that building has 30 years of history of red brick building is still still. Just as the hospital continued to expand over the years, the building, which was built in the 1980s, has been submerged in a single building. (Editor's Note: the text of the expensive as a pseudonym)