No. 28 Mobile medical APP "plus" behind the mystery

A mobile medical practitioners on the "Daily Economic News" reporter said
Daily economic journalist Zhou Cheng Cheng Tian price source event is still continuous fermentation. As the largest public hospital in southwest China, on March 3, Sichuan University Huaxi Hospital announced on its official website, to build a fair and orderly medical order, to fight the traffickers, the hospital decided to further improve the source management, including the abolition of the doctor's personal hand And the scene plus number, etc., and on March 7 formally implemented. In fact, as early as 17 years ago, China has carried out all kinds of hospital for traffickers crackdown activities. In recent years, the rise of mobile medical APP was considered to be the weapon to fight the traffickers, some platforms are transformed, became a new variant of the traffickers. Today's first-line report - a "number" of the injury, will once again look at the "new" traffickers, and explore the medical resources of the imbalance of the road. Recently, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission issued "on the medical staff through the commercial company appointment registration plus plus to seek improper benefits of the clean-up work notice", it is strictly forbidden doctors and commercial companies registered plus, limited to March 20, 2016 Recently, all such medical personnel, should be released with the cooperation of commercial companies. Since the date of self-cleaning work, where there is such a behavior, discipline inspection and supervision departments at all levels should be with the medical management, personnel management and other departments for investigation, according to discipline in strict accordance with the law, suspected of illegal acts, in accordance with the provisions of the transfer to the judiciary The The paper behind the notice, quite dramatic. Some people in the industry have given the question that some of the mobile medical APPs that have been treated as a weapon are likely to become another form of "hawker". "Daily Economic News" reporter found that some mobile medical platform to provide free "plus" as a gimmick, but charged a few hundred dollars of the so-called platform service fee. These fees include services for booking expert services, pre-hospital telephone reminder reminders, in-patient consultation, post-visit visits, health counseling and information management fees. When the investigation is more in-depth, some platforms and even suspected of medical information is also false phenomenon surfaced. Doctors do not know their own platform recently, due to CCTV reports, mobile medical APP "call a doctor" standing in the cusp. The report shows the number of traffickers with "call a doctor" platform linked to the expert number, and then further reselling the situation. "Daily Economic News" reporter to download "call a doctor" APP found that its "plus" for free, but there is a platform service fee. When a reporter asked the service fee collection standards, and whether it is reasonable, "call a doctor" marketing department responsible person did not answer questions. He said: "The rational allocation of quality resources, the need for joint efforts to promote the quality of medical resources to increase the supply." For the reporter asked whether the platform service fees and doctors profit sharing, and by what percentage of the division Responsible person in charge is promoting multi-point practice, multi-mode practice. According to the show, the platform "plus" features include more than 70 hospitals in Beijing (some hospitals and no doctors). However, it is surprising that the reporter will APP a doctor's plus information to his own view, the doctor said that the original did not know the APP, the platform name, photos and other information is their own, but the title As well as the time of departure and the actual does not match. As of press time, the error message is still no correction. Platform charge nature is inverted unrivaled, recently, a called "Chuan Tai doctors" software has also been the media exposure. In the absence of the remaining source of the case, the patient can still "pass the doctor" successfully get plus to go to treatment, but need to pay hundreds of dollars ranging from the cost. In this regard, a number of medical practitioners on the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that this plus the platform to charge the cost of service fees and other expenses is questionable. An anonymous Beijing top three hospital chief physician told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, in his view, the platform charge service fees, the essence is the inverted number. And some mobile medical industry also believe that the commercialization of the Canadian should be questionable. Good doctor online CEO Wang Hang on the "Daily Economic News" reporter said, "public hospital outpatient low cost is public welfare, so we can not use simple business logic to consider medical problems." A mobile medical enterprise Strategic analysts also told reporters that the registration should not be profitable, most of the mobile business with registered business, the beginning of it as a traffic only entrance. In addition, it did solve the problem, but it did not change the quality of medical services, did not change the allocation of resources, but the sale of scarce resources, increase the cost of medical treatment. Outpatient time is difficult to strictly define Although there is no introduction of mobile health care related to the regulatory policy, but the recent Beijing Municipal Health Commission Director Fang Laiying some of the position, but also peep the government's attitude. Fang Liying said: "doctors through labor, spare time, non-clinic time for more practice, as long as the state allows, we have no objection.But in the public hospital out of the unit, a doctor in such a form to the patient plus, Is sure to have a problem. "" Call a doctor "platform reservation plus signs show that the service provided by the appointment plus no sign is not a normal outpatient registration, is the expense of experts at the expense of the extension of the clinic. When the reporter asked the patient how to increase the number of treatment, the platform marketing department only said the platform to help patients to make appointments, consultation and other health advice consultation. There is no response to the hospital when the specific treatment. Zhang Qiang, founder of the group founder Zhang Qiang told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, the doctor's plus treatment time is a unit or their own difficult to define. In this regard, a mobile medical practitioners on the "Daily Economic News" reporter said the experts at the expense of the rest of the time to extend the outpatient service has the meaning of the edge of the ball, which is a gray area. Where is the mobile medical path? Recently, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission issued a notice, it is strictly forbidden doctors and commercial companies to join the plus plus, March 25, all such acts of medical personnel, should be released with the cooperation of commercial companies. In Wang Hang view, the use of outpatient time plus charges should be canceled, mobile medical enterprises as a business point must be transformed. Wang Hang said, "good doctor" online so-called free "plus" service, in fact, online referral referral, which will also be prohibited after the "good doctor" development of an opportunity. "We have been in active and relevant departments in consultation, you can operate the team, information systems, past the experience of referral referral to share." Wang Hang said. "On this basis, we have to clarify the referral conditions, referral principles can contribute, which can help referral system construction, operation referral system, and actively participate in the entire health care process." Wang said. Yue Jianxiong that the future of the "plus" should be the doctor to use their own leisure time to other hospitals or clinics out of the fees charged, there are standard pricing, high and low, this is to increase the supply. "Let the doctor out of the system, health care reform can be successful, mobile medical have the opportunity."